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Orders over €75 qualify for free shipping!

Raptor Rescue

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The Leatherman Raptor is a versatile pair of rescue scissors, designed for first responders. Of course every first responder uses a pair of scissors. We are not afraid to state that every first responder should carry the Raptor. Neatly stored in the plastic sheath you will barely notice it on your belt. However, if the situation calls for it you can easily fold out the 'scissors' and have access to a heavy-duty pair that can handle quite a lot. The blunt tip makes working with the Raptor incredibly safe. Think, for instance, of removing the clothing of a victim. A glass breaker has been added to the plastic handle in addition to a belt and ring cutter (to remove jewellery if this is no longer possible due to swelling). The tool is also enhanced with a key for an oxygen tank, just like a pocket clip. Leatherman even thought to add a ruler.