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MH3 Headlamp

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Stylish, compact, and flexible, the MH3 is an outdoor all-rounder. Detach the lamp head to convert your MH3 from headlamp to hand lamp. The built-in clip provides additional options to secure it. The MH3 also features the tried and tested Advanced Focus System. The MH3 has been designed for complete functionality, with 200 Lumens of output, the headlamp doesn’t sacrifice on power.

The MH3 is ideal for those looking to bring light to the darkness with 200 lumens brightness and casts a beam up to 130m in range. The device is IPX54 rated ensures a high level of weather protection. For complete simplicity, the torch features two lighting options: High Power (200 lumens) and Low Power (20 Lumens). Without an overcomplicated interface ensures ease of use.

For complete convenience, the torch runs off a single AA, commonly available worldwide. Using a singular battery reduces weight while allowing you to increase the number of emergency batteries on your mountain adventure. Moreover, the MH3 is capable of running off rechargeable battery alternatives (not supplied), to reduce the impact on the environment and your bank.

What sets Led Lenser torches apart is their patented Advanced Focus System Optics. Inspired by Galileo and Newton the technology combines both a reflector and lens together as one optic. This provides a clear homogeneous spill of light at close distances and can be adapted to have a sharply focused beam at longer ranges.

In addition to being used as a headlamp, a state of the art housing enables the light to be instantly removed from the strap to be used as a handheld light. A metal clip on the rear of the torch body allows the unit to be clipped to a shirt or belt.

Lightweight, durable and powerful the outdoor MH series from Led Lenser delivers reliable illumination. Simplistic power, with German build quality to light your way this is the MH3!

Burn Times
  • 200 Lumens: 4.5 Hours
  • 20 Lumens: 35 Hours
Lighting Range
  • 200 Lumens: 130m
  • 20 Lumens: 40m
Lighting Options
  • White Light:Power, Low Power
  • Lumens:200 Lumens
  • Led configuration:1 x Power Led
  • Indicators:Low battery warning
  • Max Distance:130m
  • Max Burn Time:35 Hours
  • Battery type:Single AA
  • IPX Rating: IPX54
  • Weight:92g