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Orders over €75 qualify for free shipping!

LifeStraw Personal Blue

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The LifeStraw personal water filter makes it easy to filter water on the go. Drink directly from puddles and running water with this filter. The LifeStraw personal is the LifeStraw water filter reduced to its essence. It's the water filter in a tube. Ideal as a backup. It is also a way to save weight on trekking tours where water is abundantly available.

What does this LifeStraw

  • Bacteria filter: 99,9999% (LOG 6 reduction). This LifeStraw filters, among other things, E.Coli bacteria from water.
  • Protozoa: 99.9%(LOG 3 reduction). Protozoa is a collective term for single-celled parasites. Common protozoa that this LifeStraw successfully filters out of water are Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • Viruses: unfortunately, this filter does not remove viruses from the water.

Cleaning the water filter

When the primary filter is saturated with dirt, it is impossible to suck water through it. Blow air into the filter through the nozzle to blow dirt out of the filter again. If this is no longer possible, the filter must be replaced.

Help yourself, help someone else

Tackling world problems is in LifeStraw's DNA. In 2014, LifeStraw launched the 'Follow the Liters' programme. In it, LifeStraw makes the commitment that for every LifeStraw that is sold, a schoolchild in a developing country is helped to get clean drinking water for a whole year!