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Orders over €75 qualify for free shipping!

Coleman Liquid Fuel 1L

by Coleman
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SKU 3138522072582

Safe And Reliable Liquid Fuel From Coleman. The Coleman Liquid Fuel Is All You Need For Running A Variety Of Applications In The Outdoors. Coleman Fuel Is A Mix Of Petroleum Naphtha With A Bit Of Rust Inhibitor, Formulated And Manufactured Solely By Coleman. It Burns Cleaner And Brighter Than Regular Unleaded Fuel. It Has An Octane Rating Of 50 To 55 And None Of The Additives Found In Gasoline, So Causes Less Dirt Build Up And So Less Stove Maintenance. Formulated Especially For Coleman Liquid Fuel Appliances And With A Lighter Molecular Weight Than Gasoline, Kerosene And Diesel Fuel, It Cannot Be Used As A Substitute For Any Of Those Fuels, And Would Burn Out The Valves Of A Gasoline Engine If Used. Designed With Pure And Unrefined Unleaded Petrol This 1.06 Kg Bottle Can Be Easily Transported.