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Free Delivery on orders above €30

TIV Vacuum Bottle Black 500ml

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Lifeventure Wide-Mouth Vacuum Flasks Flask with wide mouth openings for soups or hot drinks. The flasks use screw-in stopper and the lid can be used as a mug and has a buddy mug inside as well. The retractable handle helps pouring, particularly in extreme cold and can be used to strap the flask to the outside of a pack. Features: - Keep drinks hot for up to 8 hours or cool for 24 hours - Stainless steel construction - Screw-in stopper with lid that can be used as a cup - Additional 'buddy' cup inside the lid - Retractable side handle and removable shoulder strap - Conforms to British Standards for quality and safety - 0.75 litre capacity Technical Specification: Capacity - 0.75 L Dimensions - 115 x 105 x 205 mm Weight - 647g