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10% off on orders above €50

Messenger-Bag Yel/Blk 39L

by Ortlieb
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€129,95 - €129,95
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Professional courier bag: the Messenger-Bag is a classic, not just for bike couriers, thanks to its striking design, durable performance, and great mounting mechanism.

The Messenger-Bag has an outstanding reputation among bike couriers and frequent riders all around the world for being durable and clever enough for the big-city jungle. A thin, utilitarian design, waterproof tarpaulin material that withstands any adverse weather, and a handy roll closure that allows for a flexible packing height and a 39-liter payload are just a few of the bag's appealing features. The rear-ventilated foam back, as well as the chest and hip straps, allow for a comfortable, close fit, which is especially important when sprinting and braking rapidly in the city.


  • discreet ORTLIEB logo
  • carrying handle
  • corner guards and feet that protect the bottom of the bag
  • COLOR: yellow/black
  • MATERIAL: PD620, PS620C
  • BAG TYPE: single
  • WEIGHT: 1300 g | 45.9 oz
  • HEIGHT: 50 cm | 19 inch
  • WIDTH: 39 cm | 15 inch
  • DEPTH: 15 cm | 6 inch
  • VOLUME: 39 L | 2379.9 cu inch