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Orders over €75 qualify for free shipping!

Life Straw Peak Series Squeeze

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The LifeStraw PEAK Squeeze 1 L is a water filter that is connected to a lightweight, roll-up water bag with a capacity of 1 litre. Perfect for outdoor athletes and trail runners who do not want to carry water around all the time. With a weight of only 110 grams you hardly notice that you are carrying it with you. You can easily fill the PEAK Squeeze, and you drink from it by squeezing the bottle. The filter of the Squeeze is located in the drinking spout, and it's easy to replace thanks to the universal screw cap.

LifeStraw has redesigned their very popular water filtration system. Lighter weight, more versatile, more durable, more practical, but also more effective thanks to the improved micro filter that reduces clogging due to sand and sludge. It is also a great way to save weight during trekking trips where water is readily available.

What does the LifeStraw PEAK filter:

  • Bacteria: 99.999999% (LOG 6 reduction). This LifeStraw filters, amongst others, E. coli bacteria from water.
  • Microplastics: 99.9999%
  • Protozoa: 99.999% (LOG 3 reduction). Protozoa is a collective term for single-celled parasites. Frequently occurring protozoa which LifeStraw successfully filters from the water are Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • Viruses: unfortunately this filter does not remove viruses from the water.

Cleaning the water filter

If the filter is saturated with dirt, it will become harder to drink from it. Screw the included pump onto the bottom of the filter. Suck clean water through the filter, and then push it out again to remove contamination from the filter. If you are no longer able to remove the dirt you need to replace the filter.

Help yourself, help another

Tackling global issues is in LifeStraw’s DNA. In 2014 they started the 'Follow the liters'-program. For every LifeStraw being sold, a child in a developing community will get clean drinking water for an entire school year!