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Wallnut Set 1-6

by DMM
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DMM's Wallnuts are available at Basecamp. The ever classic wallnuts continue to be our best selling nut sets, and they have earned a place among the majority of Irish/UK climbers' trad racks due to their "complex 3D curves and scallops" giving fast, secure placements. Anodised for easy identification and resistance to the elements. The colours match Wild Country's Rocks size for size which has led many climbers to double up the two brands.Set of sizes 1 - 6

The Wallnut set 1-6 is the perfect protection for most trad climbs with small to medium placements, the range in sizes will give you the options you need. Different sizes have different alloys- smaller walnuts are made from a harder alloy to prevent them from sheering and the larger wallnuts are made from a softer alloy so they can bed into placements. The Wallnuts are on the end of stiff wires to allow you to place the wires overhead. A big bonus of the Wallnut Set 1-6 is that they are colour coded making it easier to get what size you need, place it and carry on climbing.

For Tech Specs check the table below.

Walnut Size Couler Strength Weight Range
1 Purple 7kN 15g 6.7 / 14.3mm
2 Green 9kN 26g 8.1 / 15.8mm
3 Silver 11kN 28g 9.4 / 16.5mm
4 Gold 12kN 30g 11.0 / 17.6mm
5 Blue 12kN 32g 13.2 / 19.4mm
6 Red 12kN 39g 15.6 / 22.6mm
7 Grey 12kN 40g 18.9 / 25.8mm
8 Turquoise 12kN 45g 22.3 / 29.0mm
9 Gold 12kN 50g 25.2 / 32.1mm
10 Silver 12kN 56g 28.8 / 32.6mm
11 Green 12kN 68g 33.1 / 37.4mm