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Free Delivery on orders above €30

100MW OD

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Despite the instability of the land or for casual use, this model provides you comfort and protection.

100MW Outdry are hiking boots recommended for outdoor activities. Despite the instability of the land or for casual use, this model provides you comfort and protection.

The design of this trail running shoes includes leather on the instep. In addition, it combines waterproof fabric that prevents cold and wind gusts from entering your foot. The inclusion of the Outdry element favors the elimination of perspiration, keeping you dry.

The sole in this version includes Vibram technology that improves traction through its multi-directional studs, preventing them from skidding in addition to facilitating easy removal of mud. In this model the fittings and eyelets are made of metal for durability. The closure of the piece is the traditional one with laces.

Versatile Outdry trail shoe with plenty of protection and durability for the most rugged terrain.

- Full grain leather and TPU mesh upper with Outdry TM breathable waterproof construction Metal hardware and eyelets

- Techlite TM lightweight midsole for long lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and high energy return

- Partnering with industry leading traction experts VIBRAM ® to create advanced traction by maximizing surface contact, creating multi-directional lugs, and providing necessary mud release

Measure your Feet:

1. Tools: Use a shoe box or a wall with a 90 degree angle, A sheet of paper or cardboard, a ruler and a pen.

2. Have you got the tools you need?: *Make sure that you are wearing the same socks that you would normally wear with this type of boot.

*Wearing these socks, stand on the sheet of paper and place the heel and side of your foot against the wall corner (90 degree) or place your foot in the shoe box with your heel wedged firmly against the back.

* Then use your pen and ruler to drawer a line just in front of your big toe.

* Measure the distance between the wall or the side of the shoe box and the line that you have just drawn.

3. Refer to the size chart in the images to find the correct size for you.

4. Add 1cm to the result to account for thick socks and feet swelling.