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Blocker Dry Compress 10L Org

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€34,95 - €34,95
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The Blocker DRY Compression is a special variant of Sealline's Blocker DRY series. This bag has all the advantages of the normal Blocker DRY, but also allows trapped air to escape easily to maximum compression. It does this via the PurgeAir™ system, which ensures that the bag remains watertight and that air can easily escape. The PurgeAir™ system does all of this without placing a heavy load on the seams of the bag, making the bag more durable and longer-lasting. The Blocker DRY Compression also uses a Continuous Compression system, which prevents strain on seams and makes the bag longer-lasting. The PackTight™ design, which is a flat-sided rectangular shape, ensuring 20% more packing efficiency than rounded organisers, so you will save a lot of space. Just like the normal Blocker DRY, this bag is completely waterproof and made of very robust materials so that you can enjoy it for a long time.