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Camino Kit List

Camino kit list

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Camino Kit List:

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Waterproof Jacket + Trousers

As they say "The rain in Spain" and "There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing". Stay protected and comfortable with a set of rain gear.

Hiking Trousers / Shorts

A pair of zip-off hiking trousers will cover your options here, shorts during the day trousers in the evening. Jeans or cotton trousers can lead to chaffing. As they're two in one they'll also help keep your pack size down!

Tech T-Shirt / Baselayers

Tech T-Shirts and Baselayers will help keep you dry and comfortable. Again, avoid cotton as it holds onto moisture and leads to discomfort. Merino wool is both wicking and antimicrobial, so it won't smell, even after a good few wears.

Fleece / Light Insulated Jacket

It can get pretty cool in the evenings, keep warm with either a fleece or a light insulated jacket.


The build up of moisture that the cotton accumulates softens the skin on the feet and causes blisters. Go for moisture wicking materials such as Merino wool or Coolmax. If you're on the edge of two sizes go for the smaller size as socks can stretch while walking and bunch up, causing hotspots.


Our recommendations on this will vary slightly depending on what section you're doing and if you're carrying all of your belongings or not. We would advise wearing a boot with ankle support for some of the more rugged terrain. Otherwise a walking shoe is perfect for the Camino. A pair of sandals for the evening will let your feet breath and relax before another day of walking. Ask us about Superfeet too, supportive insoles that help prevent blisters and aching feet.


If you're carrying everything ask us about tips on weight saving while trying on your pack. We've mentioned a few above but there's always more! The fit is important as it's likely you'll be carrying it for quite some time. We have a massive range of backpacks to suit everybody's needs. Ask us about getting the perfect fit.


Some people like to be able to drink on the move with a hydration bladder. Others welcome the break to get their water out of their pack using water bottle. Consider a water purifying system also if you think you'll want to top up your water in between towns.


A sunhat will protect you from most of it, but light bounces off everything you can see so you still need that UV protection. Cheap sunglasses can dilate your pupils with out any UV protection meaning they're actually damaging your eyes even more than natural light.


A sunhat can protect the top of your head, face and neck from sun burn.

SPF/ Toiletries

A sunhat won't do everything, wear sunscreen on your exposed areas and even under clothes on places like your shoulders where UV rays can still penetrate your clothes. There's no need to bring a massive amount of toiletries with you, you can get travel containers to reduce size and weight of your pack, especially for carry on.


Buffs are extremely versatile, use them to protect your head/neck from the sun, a hairband, a hat in the evening, even a cloth to wash your face or mop your brow, the list is endless.


Headlamps are great as your hands remain free to turn the pages of your favourite book or look through your bag.


A light pair of gloves can mean the world to your comfort levels if you're stuck in the rain or hanging out in the evening. Certainly worth considering if you're inclined to feel a chill.

Travel Towel

Microfibre towels are great when on the go, they're much smaller than a normal towel and they dry really fast. Hang it on the back of your pack at the start of yur day and it will be dry in no time.

Underwear / Baselayer

Once again, cotton is not your friend. Cotton underwear can lead to chaffing in unmentionable places. Synthetic underwear not only wicks moisture away but it also dries very quickly, enabling to you wash them in the evening, meaning you can carry much less.

Sleeping Bag / Liner

If you're camping you'll want to put a bit of consideration into your sleeping bag as you'll need to think of weight versus warmth. A liner can add a bit of warmth to your bag or keep you covered in a hostel dorm instead of a sleeping bag.

Bug sheet

Bed bugs can be an issue in some hostel dorms, although regularly treated, the large amount of traffic means that there's always a risk.

Ear plugs

You'll be very thankful for a set of earplugs, large dorms can be symphony of noises throughout the night. Accmpanied with your Buff as an eye mask, you'll be out like a light.

Hand Sanitizer

Sometimes nature calls when civilisation can't hear it. Need I say more?


The stability of trekking poles will take some of the strain going up hills and your knees will thank you for them coming back down.


Your meal plans may not always consist of wine and cheese, so keep a spork handy for those lunches that don’t just consist of sandwiches.

Dry Bags

Keep your stuff dry and organised!

First Aid Kit / Blister Care

Pretty self explanatory, injuries happen after all. Ibuprofen and paracetemol can be taken together as an anti inflammatory and pain relief. Antiseptic cream is good for bites, cuts/grazes etc. A blister kit is also highly recommended, moleskin,glide, plasters and/or compeed plasters should be on your list. However, prevention is better than cure, ask us in-store for tips on preventing blisters.

Guide Book

You'll be walking through areas with lots of history. Not only will it help prevent you from getting lost, small side trips can be highly rewarding if you've got the time.


You'll need a camera and/or your phone for taking pictures. You'll also need to charge them so make sure you bring the right cables and adapters.

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